Femoral Head Storage Kit EO

Femoral Head Storage Kit EO

Pack Description

Each pack consists of a 300ml pot with tamper-evident screw cap inside a 500ml pot with tamper-evident screw cap, labelled (S400-K and S411-K only). Pack contents double-bagged.


The storage of femoral heads for in vivo use.


  • Individually double-bagged, preserving sterility of inner bag and contents.
  • Bags used are clear on one side allowing excellent visibility of the contents.
  • Easy-to-open peel-back aperture enables contents to be placed on a sterile field in an aseptic manner.
  • Caps are included unfitted so tamper-evident facility can be used once the pots have been filled.
  • Sterilisation by ethylene oxide (EO) allowing the pots to be re-sterilised by customer using gamma irradiation at a later stage.
  • Pots suitable for freezing to -80 degrees C for up to 5 years.

Regulatory / Quality Assurance

  • CE-marked and conforms to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC including 2007/47/EC.
  • Medfor is approved to ISO 13485:2016.


Available in: 300ml


Available in: Sterile EO


Available with: No label , Tissue Bank and Blank label

Volume Discounts

This product is eligible for volume discounts.

Pot Nominal Capacity (ml) Neck Bore (mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Height (mm)
Inner 300 72 81 83
Outer 500 86 95 108
Capacity (ml)SterilityLabel TypeItems per casePrice 
Sterile EO
Tissue Bank
Sterile EO
No label
Sterile EO
Blank label

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