Volume discounts

For purchases of 5 cases or more, discounts apply to any of the items listed on this site (unless specified otherwise).

Discounts are based on the total number of cases in a consignment:

Total no. of cases Volume Discount (off list price)
5 or more 5%
10 or more 8%
20 or more 12%

NB: Volume discounts are automatically applied to orders placed online using our shopping basket facility.

Standing orders

Standing orders can be set up so that pre-arranged quantities of products can be delivered at regular intervals (i.e. weekly, monthly, every 2 months or quarterly). You benefit from:

  • Saving money with better discounts (discounts are based on the total number of cases in a consignment)
  • Less paperwork since one purchase order covers a whole year's supply
  • Peace of mind as the goods are despatched to you automatically
  • Being in control with the flexibility to postpone a consignment if you become over-stocked

Please contact for a quotation or further information about standing orders.