Quality & Sterility

Commitment to Quality

Medfor is committed to the manufacture and supply of storage products and services which fully meet our customers' requirements first time, on time, every time, through a system of quality management affecting all aspects of the operation. This is achieved through training and ongoing assessment, and is the collective responsibility of all employees of the company.

Most of the parts used in assembling our products are manufactured from primary food grade plastic that has been produced under ISO 9001 conditions. All product assembly is performed in a controlled environment that is subjected to positive pressure and monitored to keep the number of microbiological organisms and particles to a minimum.

The company is registered to ISO 13485:2016 which, containing additional requirements to meet medical device regulations, is more suited to our products and business than ISO 9001:2015 although many elements of the two quality systems overlap. The ISO 13485:2016 standard, which requires that Medfor is subject to regular external audits, includes complete batch traceability and the careful vetting of suppliers.

To download Medfor's quality certificates in PDF format, go to the Downloads section of our website.


Many of our products are sterilised by one of the following methods:

Sterile R

STERILE R symbol

This denotes that the device is sterile per EN 556-1, and has been sterilised using radiation, per ISO 11137.

Sterile EO


This denotes that the device is sterile per EN 556-1, and has been sterilised using ethylene oxide, per ISO 11135.

Sterilised 10-3

Products are sterilised to a SAL of 10-3 using electron beam processing. This is suitable for most general use laboratory products.


Products are aseptically produced where the interior of a container is rendered aseptic by the heat at which it is manufactured and then preserved in this state by the cap or lid being added in a clean environment.