Changes to our ranges of PP jars with PE screw caps


Due to changes by the manufacturer of these products, our blue polypropylene jar with blue polyethylene screw cap is now only available with a blank label (30mm x 40mm). The unlabelled version is no longer available. The blue jars are available in 35ml, 55ml, 125ml and 180ml.

Click here for blue polypropylene jars with blue caps

Our range of clear polystyrene jars with polyethylene screw caps has now been withdrawn. (Although we have a few remaining cases of the 55ml size - product code CPC0055G.)

However, our range of transparent polypropylene jars with polyethylene screw caps (pictured above with the blue jars) make a good alternative to the polystyrene range, matching the sizes almost exactly. Like the blue jars, they are available in 35ml, 55ml , 125m and 180ml. Furthermore, they are available unlabelled or with a 'Medfor' label (30mm x 50mm) as seen above.

Click here for transparent PP jars with white caps